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Providers FAQ

Becoming a Tandem Provider is simple! First, download the Tandem app from the App Store. When you open the app, you will be prompted to sign up. Once we have your basic information, we'll start sending you jobs that fit your schedule.

We’re glad you’re interested in being a responsible, reliable care provider! The most important aspect of working for families is being communicative. When you’re booked for a job, be sure to keep up with communication before, during, and after. Check out our provider handbook for some tips and tricks. New or old to childcare, check out additional tips from Tandem here:

Jobs that match your unique qualifications and availability will show up on the Available Jobs tab in the Tandem app. We offer two types of jobs, one-time and recurring. One-time jobs occur once, and recurring jobs occur weekly for one or more days of the week. You will have to apply to all recurring jobs. After applying, be sure to message the family to discuss, interview, and get hired. For one-time jobs, you can automatically accept and be confirmed for the job, unless indicated otherwise. Still be sure to reach out to the family to introduce yourself and confirm.

If you accept a one-time job, you’re all set! The job will appear under the Upcoming Jobs section. You can message the family to confirm, but you’re officially booked for the job. If you apply to a job, you should then message the family to chat about it further. These jobs will be in the Pending Jobs section and you will need to talk to and/or interview with the family before they officially hire you. You’ll receive a notification if you’re hired, and the job will move to the Upcoming Jobs section.

TandemPay is a built-in payment system that allows care providers to access their funds immediately after they’re paid. Setting up your account will order your unique Tandem debit card which you can use to spend anywhere. Until it arrives, you can use your virtual card information via Apple Pay or transfer the funds to another account. Learn more here:

Tandem makes payments easy — no more hassling a parent for a Venmo payment or worrying about cash or checks. Parents receive a text after you complete a job to confirm the owed amount, and all of the funds will then immediately be sent to your card. Be sure to check your balance in the app or on your TandemPay portal!

Our cancellation policy is as follows: As a provider, you get 3 cancellations without penalty. While we understand that situations arise, we do not want this to become a habit — parents have to know that their providers are reliable. If you exceed 3 cancellations, Tandem will reach out as a warning and reminder of this policy. Your next cancellation will result in removal from the platform. Tandem uses a rating scale, so make sure to keep your attendance perfect to keep your rating high!

Providers will fill out a W-9 for our legal records when they set-up their TandemPay portal. Providers will receive a Form 1099k on money made through Tandem when they reach $20,000 in earnings in a calendar year. We will send you a 1099K form at that point.—Note you may still be required to file tax returns if you don’t receive a 1099k from Tandem. Please consult your tax advisor.

You can request a copy of your own background check, but Tandem cannot share your results. You can choose to request a copy of your background check and share it with families by using this form:

We currently service Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area. Our offices are located in the Short North.

Families FAQ

Tandem is the free connection platform that works to connect families with reliably vetted child care providers. We allow families and providers to connect based on matched qualities. You submit your preferences to start receiving qualified applicants to talk to. We keep communication and decision making open, and aim to curate the matching process in accordance with your needs. We offer providers, nannies, and tutors. Learn more here:

Submit your needs and let us find you a great provider for your family. Leave your provider to have fun with your kids and immediately pay them afterward through your mobile device!

Booking a provider is simple. Login to your account and submit your needs. Fill out a one-time or recurring (weekly, repeat provider) form based on your preferences, and we'll promptly send your request to candidates who fit your criteria. Submit a request here:

Yes! We match families with providers based on matched needs and preferences. You will send in a recurring request through your account to receive applicants to interview. These are people that you could hire for the entire job, you would not have a new provider every time. Submit a recurring request here:

While we cannot guarantee that same-day provider requests will be fulfilled, we always do our best to find a solution as quickly as possible. We understand that last minute childcare needs arise, and we are here to help!

Tandem has compiled a comprehensive list of information to have prepared for your provider. It is important that a care provider has all necessary information to keep your children safe and happy! You can download and print out our template to keep at your home for when providers come, here:

Editing jobs is simple! You can edit the dates and times of jobs from the upcoming jobs section of your account. If the days of a recurring job change, please cancel and re-submit, or send in an additional request, here:

If your provider cancels a booked job, your booking request will automatically reopen for us to fill. We will try our hardest to replace your original provider before the time of the job!

Paying your provider is fast and easy. After you've signed up for Tandem, you can connect a bank account or credit card. If you have a weekly job, you can set a preferred payment schedule. You'll be notified to pay accordingly, and you can edit the times of the job or the total pay. You also have the option to add a tip or a reimbursement. If you need to pay outside of the notification, you can do so through quickpay on your account.

Tandem is a completely free connection service. We make money by acting as a bank for the provider's earnings, so payment has to stay inside of us in order for us to exist as a company. We do not support outside payment methods such as mobile applications, cash, or check

Tandem allows parents to set their own rates based on the details of their job and the unique characteristics of their family. We believe provider rates should not solely be based on the number of children the provider is watching, but rather the distinct situation of the parents and their children. When you submit a booking request form, you choose the amount you want to pay.

Tandem is a completely free connection service for families and care providers. Families pay no fees, and providers receive 100% of their earnings. We make money by acting as a banking platform for providers earnings. Providers have Tandem debit cards that they can spend on if they choose to. We make a small percentage of interchange, or the fee paid by merchants when they accept debit cards, because we are the card issuer. This way, we can remain completely free for both sides!

Tandem uses Evident to background check our provider. Providers are checked through a national criminal search, their current county of residence, sex offender registry, and domestic and global terrorist watchlists. All providers are scanned for any offenses within the last 7 years. The check will identify an offense in any jurisdiction a provider has a record in.

Providers can request a copy of their own background check, but Tandem cannot share providers results. If a provider is a certified Tandem provider on our platform, that means that their background check came back completely clean, with no identified offenses. Providers can choose to request a copy of their background check and share it with families by using this form:

We encourage our families to form connections with providers, and we hope you want to use them next time! You can select the name of a past provider when you fill out a request form. The request will be sent to these providers first.

The Tandem payment flow is as follows; parent, Tandem, provider. Technically, you’re paying Tandem and we’re paying the specific provider, which takes all tax obligations off of you! It is Tandem’s job to provide providers and the Internal Revenue Service with a Form 1099K if they make over $20,000 in a calendar year through Tandem. Providers will file and pay taxes on their own, leaving the parents out of the equation.

We currently service Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area. Our offices are located in the Short North.

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